Hourly Mentoring Services: $45 Per Hour

The one-on-one, pay-as-you-go, mentoring service is scheduled one hour at a time. Mentoring sessions may involve brainstorming, problem-solving, and informal discussions about chunks of a work-in-progress. Writers have the option to schedule more meetings, if desired, at the end of each meeting. Payment is required in advance of each meeting with the mentor.

Perfect For Writers Of All Levels Looking For: 

  1. Personal interaction/conversation/consultation with a writing coach
  2. Information and instruction through one-on-one discussion
  3. Suggestions, instruction, information, and brainstorming
  4. Feedback on a small excerpt of a work-in-progress
  5. Flexible scheduling that matches your personal schedule and process
  6. Pay-as-you-go meetings requiring no long-term commitment
  7. Help with beginning, continuing, or completing a work-in-progress
  8. Assistance with the business of writing including building a platform, marketing, and formatting manuscripts for submission to traditional publishers or for self-publishing

Things To Know Before You Solicit Services: 

  1. The hourly Mentoring Service is not intended for complete Manuscript Reviews which require a higher level of engagement, time, and input by a reviewing consultant. Find out more about Manuscript Review Service.
  2. Mentors and consultants make every effort to help the author strengthen the current manuscript but they, and the Carnegie Center, make no guarantees that the author’s manuscript will be acquired by a publisher, or that it will achieve a specific level of sales.
  3. Mentor, consultants, and the Carnegie Center have no ownership interest in the author’s work; the author retains all rights, including copyright.
  4. Opinions, feedback, critiques, and reviews reflect the experiences and preferences of the mentors and consultants. The author determines what content in the sessions resonates with their project and writing style.
  5. The Carnegie Center is not responsible for mentor or consultant comments or the content of sessions and reviews.

How To Schedule A Mentor Session


Browse bios of Carnegie Center Writing Mentors.


Contact your chosen mentor by email with a brief description of your project and the type of mentoring help you are seeking. You can find a mentor's email address in their bio. 


Once you have scheduled the meeting, pay for your session online. Please specify your mentor in the ‘notes’ section during checkout.


If you schedule additional hourly sessions with your mentor, be sure to pay in advance for each session.

Fee Reduction Request

If you would like to request a reduction of fees based on financial need, you may send your request via email to Executive Director Jennifer Mattox at jmattox@carnegiecenterlex.org.  Include a brief explanation of your financial need in the body of the email.


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