Write Like You Stole It: Practices in Literary Borrowing- Summer 2022

When you think about it, any form of art is built on thievery–stealing ideas, images, colors, turns of phrase, etc. and making them something new. Every art is a “found” art. How do you acknowledge this as an artist? How can you use the ideas of borrowing, thievery, homage, allusion, and the like to create more complex, more connective, more successful poetry and prose? Join Sean Corbin for an introductory discussion and generative workshop centered around turning the things we love in art, life, and words into the things we love to create. Possible topics include: the “after” poem, first-line poems, ekphrastic writing, and work in voice, tone, and vocabulary, among many others.

Sean Corbin is the author of The Leper Dreams of Snow (Finishing Line, 2018), the co-founder of the Milestone Art Collective, and a graduate of the University of Kentucky MFA in Creative Writing program.

This class is suitable for all levels. 

Start Date
Saturday, August 6th
August 6th - August 6th
10:30am - 12:30pm

Sean Corbin

Carnegie Center
251 W. Second St.

We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Center, home to the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame and writers and readers of all levels.

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