Storytelling: My Teen Life – Fall 2023

GRADES 9-12: Everybody’s life is full of stories: big and small. If you’ve ever listened to the Moth Radio Hour or the Moth Podcast, you already know the power and fun of personal storytelling. Popular among college students and young adults, the stories we tell in this class aren’t traditional tales, folktales, or stand-up comedy. They are part of our shared human existence. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes ordinary and seemingly insignificant but always honest, authentic, and real. In workshop sessions, we will learn to find the experience we need to tell, develop it into a story structure, and learn how to present it orally to an audience in a supportive and fun atmosphere. We will celebrate with an event where we tell our stories to an audience in the first person, on stage, and without notes.

Jonathan Scott has taught workshops and presented both live and online personal storytelling events in North Carolina since 2018. He is also the author of four novels and a short story collection.


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Start Date
Thursday, September 28th
Meets Thursdays (no class October 5)
September 28th - November 9th
4:30pm - 5:30pm

Jonathan Scott

Carnegie Center
251 West 2nd Street

We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Center, home to writers, lifelong learners, & the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.

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