Story=Characters+Conflict: How to Conceive, Create, & Complete Your Novel – Sessions I & II, Winter 2023

Session I–Characters: Thursday, March 16, 5:45–7:15pm 

If your characters are memorable, readers will follow their journey (and your book) to the end. We will discuss how to create a cast of characters that rings true. Are they larger-than-life? Do they fulfill necessary roles in your story? Are you simply in love with them, or do they serve the story (as they should!)? Learn how to translate the characters in your head into fully fleshed out beings on the page.

Session II–Conflict: Saturday, March 18, 10:30am–Noon 

So, you’ve got your cast of characters, but what happens next? Your characters live at the center of the conflict of your story. What obstacles do they overcome? How does this moment in their life propel this exact story? We’ll talk about the tug of war between great characters and necessary conflict, how to create the right amount of momentum, and how to bring it all home in the end. We will help you transform your idea into a story that will make your novel shine.

Tracee de Hahn teaches writing workshops across the country. Her mysteries are published by St. Martin’s Press. 

This class is suitable for all levels.

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Start Date
Thursday, March 16th
Sessions I & II
March 16th - March 18th
10:30am - 7:15pm

Tracee de Hahn

Carnegie Center
251 West Second St.

We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Center, home to writers, lifelong learners, & the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.

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