Nonfiction Writing Techniques – Fall 2021

Have you ever read a piece in a magazine or newspaper that you just can’t put down? How do writers for magazines and newspapers pull readers in? We’ll teach you the secrets of how to craft a piece that really grabs your readers and takes them on a journey. From nut graphs to slalom storytelling to humanizing nonfiction narratives to descriptive details, we’ll teach you elements and methods you can incorporate into your writing. For all levels.

Liz Carey has been a freelance writer for the past five years, after a 20-plus year career as a reporter. She’s won more than 30 national, statewide and regional awards for her writing and reporting.

Start Date
Tuesday, October 26th
October 26th - November 30th
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Liz Carey


We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Center, home to the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame and writers and readers of all levels.

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