How to Make Epic Games in Scratch – Spring 2023

GRADES 3-8: Have you ever wondered how video games are made? Want to take your skills to the next level? Go behind the screen with Scratch 3.0. Join us virtually to learn all the basics you need to make your first arcade game or upgrade your coding proficiency. You will learn how to make awesome 2-D games and create the art for them. Scratch is completely accessible online with or without a Scratch account.

Seventeen-year-old Sulaiman Jackson (Sully), known by his 10,000 followers as SullyBully, has created over one hundred Scratch projects since 2013. Sully is proficient in Unity/C# and HTML /CSS. His mobile games can be found on the Google Play Store and the App Store, and his coding tutorials are available on the Jackson Academy YouTube channel. Sulaiman is currently a junior at Baker College, where he is studying Game/Software Development.

Former teacher Raphael Jackson is the co-founder of the Jackson Academy, a non-profit educational organization that promotes peer-based mastery learning in the creative arts.

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Start Date
Monday, April 10th
April 10th - May 8th
4:00pm - 5:00pm

Sulaiman & Raphael Jackson


We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Center, home to writers, lifelong learners, & the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.

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