IMPORTANT NOTE: IMPROV AND GROW WITH MO HAVE LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. For all other camps, please email or call (859) 254–4175, ext. 21 to be placed on a waiting list.

Camp Carnegie is a series of five educational, half-day camps for rising sixth through eighth grade students at the Carnegie Center. Experienced, passionate instructors lead fun, hands-on activities at the Carnegie Center while field trips and visits with community leaders deepen learning experiences. Camps encourage summer learning and teach life skills or introduce campers to fascinating fields that could lead to future careers.

Each camp registration fee is $75. The fee is $25 for students enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

See and register for the 2023 summer camps below. Lunch is provided for full-day campers.


Grow With Mo | July 10– 14, 8:30AM-12:30PM

Each day we will walk down to the London Ferrill Community garden to learn more about urban farming and harvest veggies for our farm to table meal. Students will learn how to safely harvest and process food grown right here in the heart of Lexington. Students will also learn about expressive writing as they reflect on "the story behind the plate." ALMOST FULL!



Monet Proctor

My name is Monet, but you can call me Mo. I am a gardener who tends to both the soil and the soul. I'm passionate about gardening and yoga. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Psychology and am a 500HR IYT. I have a 2 year old son named Princeton who is truly a Prince and I love to contemplate the world through words and paint. Reading in the sun, writing poems, and drawing butterflies are some of my favorite pastimes. I serve as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Seedleaf, primarily working in elementary and middle schools in Fayette County! Visit her website:

Stitching the S.E.L.F. | July 10– 14, 1:00PM-5:00PM

Sewing. Entrepreneurship. Leadership. Fashion. In today’s age of Instagram and constant visual communication, it is more important than ever for people to understand how to be in control of their own narrative. This course will teach you how to tell your own story through the power of fashion and portraiture. Through a series of personal empowerment exercises, basic sewing and alteration, and posing techniques you will learn who you are (an influencer, an entrepreneur, a rockstar) and how to express yourself effectively. THIS CAMP HAS REACHED FULL CAPACITY.


Samantha Jean Moore

Samantha Jean Moore is a film producer, model, and award winning fashion designer specializing in the repurposing of vintage and recycled materials. Using vintage fabric, broken jewelry, and other found objects, she creates innovative designs that breathe new life and meaning into what was previously discarded or undesirable. She is a two-time winner of the local Dress for Success “Recycle the Runway” competition, where designers are challenged to create a runway look using only discarded garments. Her work has appeared in music videos and on stage in NYC! Samantha is largely self-trained but she did study a variety of artistic disciplines at Transylvania University and Pontifical Catholic University of Peru including painting, collage, mural design, multimedia sculpture, and ceramics. ​Visit her website:

Screenwriting: The Foundation of Film | July 17– 21, 8:30AM-12:30PM

Film is still a relatively new art in the course of human history, and the screenplay is the most crucial part. Without it, directors don’t know what to film and the actors don't know what to say. Screenwriting is an art form all on its own. It teaches you to create vivid pictures using as few words as possible. This class is ideal for students who wish to expand their writing skills, experiment with new ways to engage with stories, and build skills to one day potentially work in the film industry. THIS CAMP HAS REACHED FULL CAPACITY.


Rebekah Strain

Rebekah Strain has a Bachelor's of University Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education and Learning/Behavior Disorders Special Education. She has almost 400 hours of clinical experience working with students across elementary and secondary grade levels in a variety of subjects, including English. In 2015 and 2016, she taught classes at the Super Summer Gifted Camp at Morehead State University, including a five day course on creative writing. Rebekah has given workshops and sat on countless panels on topics that include creating book trailers and utilizing rhetoric in fiction at Imaginarium Convention, a convention for writers and storytellers of all genres in Louisville, KY.

CSI: Lexington | July 24– 28, 8:30AM-12:30PM

Students will be guided through the process of investigating a conspiracy theory or mystery of their choosing, using the Lincoln Assassination plot as a touchstone case. Students will use what they find to create a publishable product–written article, google slide presentation, etc. about their favorite conspiracy theory or mystery. These will be compiled into a google site. The focus of the camp will be on how to vet information sources, filter out the noise from social media and look beyond the memes. We will dive into how conspiracy theories come about and why they are so compelling. Students will be coached by an experienced podcaster in the mystery genre, ensuring their written products are publishable. THIS CAMP HAS REACHED FULL CAPACITY.


Megan Whitmer (left) & Austen Reilley (right)

Megan Whitmer

Megan Whitmer is a podcaster and published YA author. Her podcast, Witches, Murder, Magic, and Mystery has received 2 million downloads since its October 2021 debut and is in the top 1% of most shared on Spotify. Each episode covers a well-researched story related to true crime, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, or the paranormal. She has also worked as a social media marketer for Rolling Oven pizza and as a Special Education teacher. She has two daughters in middle school and high school.

Austen Reilley 

Austen Reilley is a National Board Certified public school teacher of 22 years7 years in middle school and the remaining years in 4th grade literacy. Austen was born in Brooklyn, raised in California, educated in Boston and Cincinnati, and has lived in Kentucky for several years. Mom of a high school-age daughter, singer, poet, and mediocre ukulele player. 

Pen, Paper, Rocket Punch: Telling a Story with Comics | July 24-28, 1:00PM-5:00PM

In this camp, students will learn the basics of designing their own characters and telling short stories with comics. They will learn about each step of the comic creation process and create their own 1-2 page comic. Students' completed work will be featured in a gallery and/or in a printed book. THIS CAMP HAS REACHED FULL CAPACITY.


Bryce Oquaye

I'm beyond fortunate to I have 10 years of experience as an illustrator, sequential artist, and designer. I have been a part of a wide range of projects, including comics, animation, cover art, and apparel design. After years of development, my style has not only become unique, but also, hopefully, the next wave of illustration that showcases a merger of different multi-cultural influences and stylized draftsmanship. I’ve taught a comics class at a previous Camp Carnegie. I’ve also worked with the Bourbon County Library, LASC, Lexington Art League, and taught art and storytelling courses at Fayette County Public Schools. Visit his website:

We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Center, home to writers, lifelong learners, & the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.

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