The Carnegie Center empowers people to explore and express their voices through imaginative learning and the literary arts. 

All Gifts Are Appreciated.

It’s quick and secure! By making a contribution to the Carnegie Center, you can make an impact that resounds through a person’s lifetime, improving their choices in life by giving the gift only learning can provide: opportunity. Your gift will touch children who are behind grade level in school. Adults who’d like to share their written life stories. Children and adults who request scholarships for programs with fees. Professionals seeking new jobs skills. People of all ages who attend free learning and arts events. Families who are learning together. At the Carnegie Center, people find joy in writing, reading, and learning new things. Contributions are tax-deductible. Documentation of your gift will be mailed upon receipt. The Carnegie Center is proud to be a Kentucky Nonprofit Best Practices Partner.

How You Can Make A Difference


Here’s how you can help: $500 covers the cost of 25 tutoring sessions (an academic year’s worth) for one child. $250 pays for one semester of tutoring for one child. $60 pays for three hours of tutoring.


A gift of stocks can make a substantial gift to the Carnegie Center without reducing the cash you have on hand. You will further benefit at tax time, as stocks are deductible at the fair market value.

Giving stocks is easy; contact Development Director Jennifer Mattox at or (859) 254-4175, ext. 25 for details.

As you move toward making this gift, please consult your tax professional and/or your financial planner to assist you with this process.


If you’d like to split your contribution into smaller amounts to be given over the course of a year (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually) or over several years, making a pledge is the right choice for you.

The Carnegie Center makes this easy by sending you a friendly “Pledge Reminder” when the time comes to give your next amount. Through this method, donors benefit by making bold gifts they are comfortable giving while making an impact over the course of time. You’ll also receive tax benefits, deducting the total given toward your pledge each calendar year.

To learn more or to make your pledge of support, please contact Development Director Jennifer Mattox at


Do you have a car, truck, van, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, dirt bike, tractor, boat, or trailer (running or not) that you'd like to donate? It's easy and costs you nothing, and you could receive a tax-deduction at tax time.

Carnegie partners with another nonprofit called Vehicles for Charity to process your vehicle donation. Your vehicle will be picked up at your residence/business and sold at auction, with a large percentage of the sale going to the Carnegie Center. For full details, please read our flyer and/or contact Development Director Jennifer Mattox at or (859) 254-4175 ext. 25.

Please consult your financial planner or tax professional for tax-related advice.

We hope to see you soon at the Carnegie Center, home to writers, lifelong learners, & the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.

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