Reading with Kids: For Tutors & Parents

Marcia Thornton Jones

Marcia Thornton Jones is an award-winning author who has traditionally published 131 books for children with sales totaling more than 43 million copies world-wide. Her works include Woodford Brace, Ratfink, and Champ. She is also the co-author of seven popular series including “The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids”. Marcia, a full-time writer, lives in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a workshop facilitator and mentors writers of picture books, chapter books, middle grade fiction, and journaling for The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning. She is also the coordinator of the Carnegie Center Author Academy. For more information, visit Marcia’s website or LinkedIn.

  • Venue:
    Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning
  • Meets On:
        Mondays, June 19 - June 29
  • Address:
    251 West Second St.
    Lexington, KY, 40507
  • Cost:

With Marcia Thornton Jones, Carnegie Center Tutoring Associate.

Two dates: Monday, June 19 OR Thursday, June 29 (choose one)
6:00-7:15 pm

Why should you read with your kids, and how can you make the most of it? This workshop for parents and tutors will discuss the importance of reading with kids and provide ideas for keeping it interesting. The same training will be offered on two dates, so you only need to come to one evening. [NEW!]

Dinner will be provided–registration is required.

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