Heather Flaherty

Heather Flaherty grew up in Massachusetts, between Boston and the Cape, and started working in New York City as a playwright during college. After much country hopping and some work in editorial, Heather became a Literary Scout, consulting with foreign publishers and Hollywood regarding what the next big book will be. Now as an Agent, she’s thrilled to grow authors for that same success.

Currently, she’s looking for authors of adult fiction and non-fiction. For fiction, she’s specifically wanting female-centric thrillers, and commercial woman’s fiction with solid storytelling and strong voices. She also, like most, is always on the lookout for a fantastic upmarket project that bridges the gap between commercial and literary lists. On the non-fiction side, she leans towards pop-culture, humor, true crime, and memoir.  Heather also represents Children’s/YA projects. Follow Heather on Twitter: @HeddaFlaherty.