Living Eulogy

  • Venue:
    Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning
  • Time:
    10:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Meets On:
        Saturday, March 9
  • Address:
    251 W. Second Street
    Lexington, KY, 40507
    United States
  • Cost:

With Anna Ross.

Conceived out of the grief of losing loved ones to addiction and a desire to have said the important things while still possible, this is a collaborative workshop to write the legacy for our friends and families. Come join us as we write to the ones we love, the ones we care about, or even the ones we don’t know well but who have made lasting impacts. This workshop will offer seasoned writers and new writers the chance to dig into what makes someone important, develop a plan for what needs to be said, and the start of a beautiful Living Eulogy. Please be aware that this can be emotional in all of the best ways. Please also be attuned to your own sensitivities in taking this class; we will need and expect a space of safety and the opportunity to be freely vulnerable to each person’s level of comfort. Anna Ross is a passionate writer, music enjoyer, IT Project Manager, and lover of people and coffee. Her goal is to tell each person she knows exactly how much they have meant to her life. [ALL LEVELS] [NEW!] [ONE-TIME]

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