How to Write Dialogue

Lynn Pruett

Lynn Pruett is the author of the novel Ruby River. She teaches in the low-residency MFA program at Murray State University.

  • Venue:
    Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning
  • Time:
    10:30 am - 1:45 pm
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  • Meets On:
        Saturday, February 17
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    251 West Second St.
    Lexington, KY, 40507
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    $40 for this class only ($80 for package)

With Lynn Pruett.

Dialogue must sound like real speech but it must not be a recording of actual conversations. We will cover contemporary conventions used in creating good dialogue, such as punctuation, grammar (the use of adverbs), dialogue tags, and gestures. We will also discuss the use of dialect, characterization through dialogue, and dialogue as a plot element, and try our hand at exercises such as writing a scene of dialogue with no tag lines. [ALL LEVELS] [ONE-TIME] [NEW!]