Creating Suspense

Christina Kaye

Christina Kaye is the award-winning author of dark, twisty novels. Currently, she works as a literary agent intern at Union Literary. She was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. Some of her favorite things include: sweet tea, dragonflies, books, puppies, and thunderstorms. Christina lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky with her two teenage daughters, an extremely intelligent Aussie, and a very fat cat.

To learn more about Christina and her books, please visit her website at

  • Venue:
    Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning
  • Time:
    10:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Meets On:
        Saturday, August 3
  • Address:
    251 W. Second Street
    Lexington, KY, 40507
  • Cost:

With Christina Kaye.

We will explore ways to create and develop suspense elements in a mystery, suspense, or thriller novel. It’s essential that the suspense is palpable and that the author leaves the reader with no choice but to keep turning the page, even if it’s late at night. There are many tips and tricks an author can use to keep the reader guessing. [ALL LEVELS]

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