From the Executive Director

The Quiet Heroes of Tutoring
Winter/Spring 2018

The two most important people in any tutoring relationship are, of course, the tutor and the student. But when it comes to supporting that
essential bond, no one matters more than the student’s family. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – you are the people who
register your students for tutoring, and then get them to Carnegie every week.

You are the quiet heroes of our tutoring program.

Bringing a child to Carnegie after school isn’t always easy. Many parents are at work during tutoring hours; others don’t have a car available all the time. Nonetheless, nearly all of our tutoring parents find a way to show up with their children every week.

Why does it matter to show up consistently? Carnegie Tutoring Coordinator Carol Jordan says consistency helps tutoring in three ways: 1) it provides maximum time for the tutor to help the student; 2) it reduces “backtracking,” or children losing what they had previously learned; and 3) it encourages a deeper sense of trust between tutor and student. That trust is fundamental to a good scholarly relationship, and can even bring benefits beyond the academic.

So here’s to the family members of our tutoring kids: Thank you for consistently feeding the curiosity and creativity of the children in your care. Thank you for reading to them at bedtime. Thank you for encouraging them – and for making sure they show up.

Thank you for being your child’s unsung hero.


Neil Chethik
Executive Director