From the Executive Director

People often ask me: How does Carnegie do so much with such a small staff?

I appreciate the compliment behind the question, and I have a two-part answer:
1) Our staffers and adjunct teachers are remarkable in their creative production.
2) Hundreds of volunteers help us at every turn.

If you look closely at the cover of this brochure, you’ll discover the faces of those who tutor, teach, file,
clean or otherwise lend a hand. They are among the pillars of our organization. Without them, we would
be unable to offer many of our core programs: Family Fun & Learning Nights, Carnegie Clubs, and the After-
School Tutoring Program, among others.

We also depend on “on-call” volunteers who are available to help with an event, a mailing, or other onetime
need. And the business people, educators and others who make up our board of trustees take on a big volunteer job when they oversee our mission, finances and policies.

Our volunteers are so important to us that we have decided to launch the Carnegie Corps to honor them, support them, and make it as rewarding as possible to become one. The Corps will help identify literacy needs, inside and outside of Carnegie. We’ll make signup and task-assignments as easy as possible. And anyone who volunteers a certain number of hours to Carnegie will start accruing credits that can be used for Carnegie classes, workshops and events.

If you are a Carnegie volunteer, or would like to become one, please join us on Thursday, April 10, from 6-7:30 pm for the Carnegie Corps Launch Party and Volunteer Lovefest. Soon, you may describe your volunteer experience the way one of our volunteers did recently: “It’s the best thing I do every week.”


Neil Chethik, Executive Director