From the Executive Director

We’re in the Business of Learning
Fall 2018

Dear Carnegie Friends:

Here at Carnegie, we’ve known for a long time that one-on-one tutoring helps kids who are struggling in school. Families in our tutoring program tell us daily how much of a difference tutoring makes in their learning lives. It’s rare, however, to find academic research that confirms the benefit of exactly the kind of tutoring we do.

A new Youngstown State University study followed 300 second- and third-graders in the Youngstown, OH, school district who received one-on-one tutoring – from the same tutor each week – for a year. Researchers wanted to see if the benefits of one-on-one tutoring are statistically significant.

And they are. Researchers discovered that children who got weekly, one-on-one tutoring sessions at first did not perform better than kids who did not get the tutoring. But after one semester, that changed. In their testing after two semesters, children who were tutored weekly were 29 percent more likely to pass their third-grade reading test. In a classroom of 30 students, that could mean several more children capable of moving forward confidently.

The researchers concluded that it may take a few weeks or months for a child and tutor to acclimate to each other. We’ve found that at Carnegie too. But once they do acclimate – after a semester or so – the child is likely to experience swift and substantial learning gains.

As we get started on a new school year, thanks to the students, tutors, parents and staff who make this learning possible.


Neil Chethik
Executive Director

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