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James B. Goode is Professor Emeritus with Bluegrass Community & Technical College. Goode has an MA from the University of Kentucky and a MFA in Creative Writing: Fiction from Murray State University. He has authored six books and published numerous poems, short stories, and essays in major national and regional magazines. Check out this interview and one of James’s poems below!

How We Got Here
by James B. Goode

We did not see
what was really here,
led by a desperate man
looking for work in the coal mines
we came toward the ping of the pick axe
in the glistening coal,
dragged like lumps in a tow sack
to this place.
We did not see the slag heaps
nor smell rotten egg sulfur
nor know the tang of iron
cankering the water,
making it taste
like we were drinking a heating stove.
How could we have known?
Blinded by hunger and cold
And looking
For a pone of cornbread
And a bowl of soupbeans.



  1. Neil Chethik
    November 20, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    James, you are a treasure for the Kentucky writing community. Thanks from r sharing your story here.

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